Saturday, January 27, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

I had to stop and pick up a few things today at the market, and as I entered the vestibule of one of the stores, I saw a table set up by the girl scouts selling their cookies. It was a card table, packed with all of the varieties of cookies, with a couple of girl scouts in uniform complete with their merit badge sashes. Taped to the front of the table was a neatly worded cardboard sign with their troop number and name. I walked past them as I decided that since each box of cookies only contain two servings (only one if they are the thin mints), I didn't need them this year.

As I left the store, I noticed that a different troop was setting up their table. The big guns had arrived! Instead of a tidy card table, they had a long banquet table. The lady was fluffing a huge green girl scout banner to use as a table cloth. Hanging on their cart loaded with cases of cookies were hangers of huge material cookies, that someone had made, each looking like a flavor of cookie they were offering, with a banner going across each with the name of the cookie variety.

I couldn't help but notice the lady from the other troop packing up her things to leave, her head down, boxing up the unsold cookies from her table, not wanting to look over to the other troop ladies with their big production.

I am curious to know which troop sold more cookies. Girl scout cookies are girl scout cookies. Everyone in this part of the world knows what they are, and that they are good, and that the troops count on the sales to fund their activities for the year. Did it really matter the one troop had a bunch of industrious fantastic gimmicks to hang on and around their table? Are the little scouts going to have issues of one up manship and discourage them from trying another year? Will the small table troop come back next week with a bigger table and even bigger signs?

I guess next week I'll have to go see.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Bammy said...

Ya know... in a way that is sad... the first troop had staked their to speak.. shame on the big production lady...i would have spent a ton o money with the card table troop.. mmmm.. thin mints... i think i feel my eyes glazing over...


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