Monday, January 29, 2007

Tax Time

Today I sat down and started getting things together to send off to the accountant for taxes. It's something I just dread. I'm not a detail person, and hate the tediousness of paper work, so I do a great job of procrastinating. I doesn't take too long to do, just a matter of sitting down to do it.

It isn't New Year's Eve that brings the review of the past year for me, it's tax time. I have to write down each and every check on a ledger and so in one afternoon I have re-lived one year.

I was reminded that I spent way too much time at the dentist last year, and other than that, stayed pretty healthy. I gave a moment of thanks for that. I also discovered that I should probably make out better shopping lists as it appears from my check writing, I would go to the store twice within two days to purchase things.

I must have killed quite a few plants last year too, as I noticed that I made several trips to the greenhouse. Maybe it was to get more mulch. I should make a note to get twice as much mulch as I think I need, because it apparently is never enough the first time around.

About half way through right all of this stuff down, I realized how boring my life has been. I could just ditto every month instead of write it down. Other than a few different things, it was all the same month after month.

I wonder if my accountant says the same thing when she sees it.


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