Sunday, June 10, 2007

Family Reunion

Today I went to a family reunion with my brother and sis in law. I kind of dread going to them, but at the same time enjoy it. Especially the food part. There are always interesting things people bring and it's a way to try new things without having to make it yourself. The winner of the new thing category this year was the snickers salad. It was cut up apples, cut up snickers bars and whipped cream, and it may have had other things in it, but that's what I remember about it. It was wonderful.

The part I dread about reunions is the meeting after we all eat. It's pretty much the same every year, with people announcing new arrivals, and deaths. This year, the oldest member of the family had just passed last month. He was in his late 90's. Then they collect money for postage for next year's reunion notice, ask who wants to have it, and is this a good week of the year for everyone. Most of the time I go outside for the meeting part.

Not too many of the family go to this reunion any more, and it's kind of sad to see the relatives that are older get more feeble, and probably when a few more of them go, there probably won't be one any more. The younger one's don't think it's a big deal and it's boring so they don't go. Maybe as they get older it might change. I guess we will see.


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