Friday, April 25, 2008


I got the lawn tractor out today for the first mow of the season. I was pleased when it started up on the first try and all it needed to start mowing was some air in the tires and I was off and running. About 10 minutes into mowing I feel a tickle on my leg, and I kept reaching down and scratching until after the third time feeling this, I reached down and felt a soft lump in my jeans.
The tractor was moving along at a good clip, and since one hand was steering, and the other on this lump, it took a while to keep my cool and bring it to a stop.

Imagine my surprise as I started to shake my pant leg and out drops a baby mouse. It was as freaked out as I, and after some of it's sense came back , it flipped over and off it ran. Thinking there is never one baby mouse, I pulled over to the shed to see if there were others. Sure enough a darn mouse had built a nest in the engine housing AGAIN, and I spent the rest of the afternoon fishing out grass and shredded stuff out of the little hole of the housing.



At 11:01 PM, Blogger Cedar said...

Okay, that was icky.


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