Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's been a couple of days since the holiday, but I've been running a couple of days behind on pretty much everything lately, so it's right on time for me. We all went to my brother's house for our dinner. It was a small group compared to other years, but it was wonderful, just the same. I think we set a record with ten pies this year. Almost one for each of us. I wish I would have taken a few pieces home with me as pie sounds pretty good right about now.

After we all ate, we broke into small groups for game playing, a tradition at holiday dinners. There were two groups of us playing dominos and a few where playing video games, and the girls were playing a game P brought for T because it was called gardenopoly, thinking he would get a real kick out if it as he loves to garden. I looked over at the table with my niece, and newest member of our family, my niece in law, and hopefully, another new niece in law, if my nephew ever works up the nerve to ask her. They all were getting along so well, like they have been in the family forever, it seems. It made me smile inside seeing the girls that someday will be taking our places in the family some day. I wonder if they will keep with some of our traditions, or break away with some new things.

The day went by so quickly, I guess it is true that time passes faster when you are having fun; I hated to leave for work.

It was such a long stretch between holidays, and am glad we have a few coming up for family get togethers, because I need another pie fix.