Thursday, August 31, 2006


I had a craving for popcorn this evening, and for some reason, I can never make it right. I put the oil in the pan, then the popcorn, then a little more oil, popcorn, etc. And this little pan produces a mysteriously large amount of popcorn. ( Okay, there are instructions some where on how much of what to put where, but that never comes out right either.) The lid comes up, and I keep pouring it out and pouring it out, and this is what I get. Popcorn anyone?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I stumbled over these out in the garden today. Aren't they cute? The rest out there are only this big too. No big Jack-O-Lanterns this year, but maybe a pumpkin pie.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ice Cream, I Scream

This evening my sister-in-law hollered in the window. We do that around here sometimes, it's more effective than knocking. I just love summer. Anyway...she wanted to know if I would like to ride with them over to Ohio for ice cream, as since it was a new week, they would have a new flavor of the week. It's a game with she and my brother as to what flavor it might be, so on the way, we all were trying to guess. We were all wrong and the flavor of the week was black cherry. I think I saw both my brother and his wife drool while they ordered large cones. I ordered a black cherry twist as I wasn't so committed to the flavor and if I didn't like it, the vanilla would balance things out. The girl at the window handed both of their large cones out, and then came my twist. They were enjoying their cones already and as soon as the girl handed me mine, it flopped over on to my shirt, and the rest in my hand as I tried to catch the ice cream falling over. Apparently, the vanilla was softer and since it was a "twist" made the cone unstable. At least that's what the girl at the window implied. It was MY fault for ordering a twist cone instead of the full flavor.

Now, years ago, when something like that would happen, they would take the cone away, say how awful that was to happen, and give you a new cone. Today, the girl was nice enough to give me a cup to dump what was left of my ice cream and cone, only after I would not leave the window, and offer a wet rag so I could wipe off my shirt and hands. I wanted to tell her if I wanted a cup of ice cream, I would have ordered a cup and not a cone, but I didn't. I wonder what it would have taken for her to give me a new cone. Maybe I should have broken out hysterically crying like a little kid.

Times have changed. I don't think I like it either


I finally got the table in. What a bear!

The Kitchen Table

I have, for the most part, finished painting in the kitchen and now it is time to put everything back into the kitchen I took out. I have the cupboards, and contents back, and decided the table that used to be in the kitchen should stay in a room somewhere else, and what I used for a dining room table looked more "kitcheny" than the other. There is only one problem. When I tried to get it through the doorway, it was too wide. I turned it on it's side, and got half of it through, and now the other half will not go through. There are cupboards on one side, door jam on the other keeping it from moving freely. My "new" kitchen table is now stuck in the doorway...on it's side. I wonder if I lay on the floor on my side and glue plates to the table, I might enjoy a meal on it sometime today.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Of Life's Big Mysteries

Why is it, you purchase a box of 500 Q tips, cram them in a container, and they never seem to go away. It's always packed full, and then one day, you have about 10. OVERNIGHT.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

More EGGS!

This morning my sister-in-law calls all excited because the eggs sign in front of that house was up, did I need eggs, as she got all excited when she drove past the place, slammed on her breaks and went in and got two dozen eggs. She gets home to find that her husband was driving past the same place, pulled in and got two dozen. So now they have FOUR dozen eggs, and she wanted to know if I wanted some. I told her that I had a dozen from the store, saw the sign and pulled in yesterday and got a dozen. HA! We have eggs everywhere! She brought down a dozen anyways so now they have three and I have three. I think I need to be making deviled eggs...maybe about a custard pie? Quiche anyone?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fresh Eggs

On the way home, there is a farm where a sign is out in front of the house that says "FRESH EGGS." I stopped this evening as I was out of eggs, and the sign hadn't been up in a while. I guess when it gets too hot, the hens don't lay much. This place as a variety of fowl, as you can see from the variety of eggs. The one on the lower right I think is a duck egg, it is huge and the carton wouldn't close on that side. The one on the top left is a very light blue. Of course, you have to do your own egg washing.

I had never purchased eggs from this particular place so didn't know quite what the "system" was. I pulled up the drive towards the back of the house. On the back door window was a sign that says something like if you want eggs, they are in the refridgerator on the back yourself. I walk through the door, find the fridge, open it and it is full of soda pop, and on the top shelf there were the egg cartons with a tupperware bowl on the shelf below with magic marker on it saying, eggs, 50 cents. FIFTY CENTS! I picked my dozen, and plopped my two quarters in the bowl with several other quarters, closed the door, got back in the car and drove off.

There is nothing like self serve egg shopping out in the country.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Auction

Today was the day that all of the office and business equipment of my brother's business were auctioned off. He had asked me to come as he thought an extra set of eyes on all of the stuff wouldn't be a bad idea. It wasn't neccessary, as the actioneers had many people there. I think it was more of a moral support thing for me to be there, than for security purposes. It was a sad morning looking at all of the things that made a good living for my brother be auctioned off, people looking at, and handling everything. There were well worn tools, and racks and welding machines, odds and ends shelving, office machines, and typewriters, desks...the works. It was hard not to place an emotional attatchment to some of the things. It was strange to see items that were used everyday by someone become just "things" not meaning anything to the purchasers but had some sort of meaning to my brother and his wife, after all, they had spent a good many years there.

I thought of other auctions I have been to, estate auctions, where they get up there and hold an item up. Let's say it's an old ironing board. They say: "Look at this nice ironing board, top of the line, who will give me 10 for it," where a son or daughter would think that it isn't just any ironing board. It was the ironing board that Mother used to iron a first prom dress, or a new set of curtians for the nursery of her first Grandaughter. It was the ironing board that a young daughter first learned how to iron, starting with hankerchiefs and pillowcases. It's funny how what is just any old ironing board to one can be a special memory filled ironing board for another.

That's what I saw today, with my brother looking at something the auctioneer was holding up. "Do I hear 10 dollars for these saw horses" when in my brother's eyes and mind he is thinking they aren't just any saw horses. They were saw horses he hand made, welding them together at just the right height to hold and work on doors, and door frames, and support weights that no other saw horses could hold, and were one of the first items in his new business many years ago.

So when the auctioneer started in with the fast talking " do I hear twenty, twenty,twentyfive....I started to tear up and I am sure my brother and his wife did too.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One Of Life's Big Mysteries

I would like to take a minute and talk about people and their behavior. It seems that everywhere one looks, there are people that behave badly, then blame it on some malady or another. I had a friend who was a recovering alcoholic, and she would behave horridly, then say," Well, it's because I am an alcoholic." As if that was okay to behave like a moron, and then all were to excuse her behavior from that point on, when really she was just being a jerk.

Some people will say right up front that they are anal, or moody and then go on to act out in awful ways. Same thing, blaming something right up front. They think because they SAY they are anal or moody, that gets them off the hook from something they are about to say or do, instead of knowing that in their minds, and giving some sort of thought to their future actions. They took the time to tell you that they were that way, why can't they take the same amount of time to think about what they are about to say or do FIRST?

What ever happened to personal accountability or trying to act in some civilized fashion in SPITE of one's shortcomings? What ever happened to the person that tries to improve themself and not repeat certain behaviors that they know will result in some sort of hurt feelings or bad outcome?

I just don't get it.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I had an anniversary of sorts today. I went to the dentist, and he looked at his records, and I have been going to see him since August 21, 1961. 45 years to the day, Mom took my brother and myself by the hand and walked us 3 blocks up to his office. It was a small place, with a miniature table and chair for kids, and I kid you not, the SAME table and chairs for children are there. He moved a block down the street in a house made office and has been there ever since. FORTY FIVE YEARS going to the same dentist, and he STILL is looking for Sam Tooth Decay. I guess I'm not one for change as he has suited me well all of these years. He is partially retired, and his daughter and her husband are gradually taking over the practice.



The weekend was one of thinking about gratitude. My brother had surgery Friday, and while in recovery, flatlined. They got him back, and he is home, and doing well. I am so thankful he is okay, as I sure wasn't ready to part with him just yet, and I KNOW his wife, and children sure are glad too. Lot's of wonderful things coming up in that family my brother doesn't want to miss.

We all take so much for granted, and I couldn't help but think of all of the things that I am grateful for. I have been working in the kitchen, with limited funds, and limited space for things, when I reminded myself of how wealthy I really am.

I ached everytime I got on my knees to paint, then realized I should be thankful that I have:
1: Knees to kneel on and legs to stand on where many have none
2: Paint to paint with and brushes
3: Things to paint where some have none

I wrestled with the refridgerator trying to move it and reminded myself that:
1: I have a refridgerator to move and electricity to power it
2: I have food in it where many have none

Now I am hauling totes with stuff that was in the cupboard and was complaining about all of the junk that was in them when I realized:
1: I have junk to haul
2: There is food in those totes where many are starving
3: I have 2 arms and a decent back to carry them where many
need assistance to even feed themselves.

So all in all, I have it quite good, and am thankful each and every day for my aches and pains, and junk, and food, and most of all, my family.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Cupboard

While I have been doing all of this painting in the kitchen, I kept glancing over at this old cupboard piece that was once in my Grandmother's basement. It's four foot, with two drawers, at the top, on one side a cabinet door, and the other, a pull out potato bin.

I have watched The Antiques Road Show, constantly hearing about how the value of a piece is ruined by painting, that the original patina is what is desirable. With that thought in my mind I have never considered painting it, but with the bright yellow, and white, that old piece just looked awful, and then I remembered something my Mother said years ago. Her hair was getting kind of dingy, and with the gray was looking sort of dull and lackluster. She had considered coloring it but thought that her Mother wouldn't approve, until one day, as they were doing something and my Grandma looked at Mom's hair, and said: "Why don't you do something with your hair...put color on's looking kind of mousy."

So with that thought in my mind, I did it...I put primer on the cupboard, and am getting ready to paint. I don't think Grandma would mind after all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Forgotten Garden

Since I have been so busy inside, and the weeds have taken over the garden, I have been, for the most part, ignoring it. So this morning I decided to go out and see what was out there. I ended up picking a huge basket of green beans, and while I was doing that, tripped over a cantaloupe. I have tried in the past to grow those darn things but never had the best luck. One year I grew the worlds smallest cantaloupe. It was about the size of a walnut. I cut it open and sure enough was even orange inside, but no flavor. No one ever told me when it is right to pick one, how can you tell? So this morning I looked at this cantaloupe, and it looked almost like what you see at the store, so I picked it, cut it open and WOW! It was just as sweet as sugar, and the best tasting thing! I'm sure it tasted better, as it was something I grew, but it really was good!

I waded through the weeds, as tall as myself, and also found some huge butternut squash, but they weren't ready, and several pumpkins are turning orange, but they are small. Maybe I'll try a pie with them. I picked a few zucchini and tomatoes too. Supper is planned for this evening!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The painting Continues And Other Stuff

Well I changed the color of the trim in the to a "country white" which was more the color of mayonaise when I first put it on. Yellow walls, maynaise trim...I suddenly got a craving for deviled eggs. This morning, though, it had lightened up and it will just have to do for now as I am so tired of the painting thing.

Just as I was almost finished, the tractor people dropped my mower off so I went out to settle up with them. I came back in, finished up, went into the dining room and noticed big white footprints on the hardwood floor. Seems the dog ran to the door to see what was going on and stepped in the pan of paint. I rushed to the kitchen sink and wet a rag, and started wiping up the trail until I got to the dog, and wiped her foot, which made it wet again, and then when she realized I was messing with her foot, sprang up and ran all around putting MORE white foot prints on the floor. I rushed back to the sink, ran more water, and then suddenly realized that I had forgotten that I took the drain pipe off under the sink to get a replacement today, so water was running out all over the place. Now there is a flood in under the sink.

Even though I don't drink, I think I might stop for a beer when I go get that pipe this afternoon.

update: Instead of a beer, I stopped at an all you can eat buffet and hit the dessert bar hard.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Painting We Will Go

I painted the kitchen today, a pretty light yellow. It brightened up the room so much and looks so clean. And then......

I put this color on for the trim...a light green, and it looks HIDEOUS! So....Tomorrow I erase the trim, and start over. Now I am at a loss as to the color that will look the best. Sigh. I could just scream.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Tonight, I went outside to watch some local fireworks as part of the finale to a festival. It was crystal clear with the stars, and I even saw a few meteors. I was torn between watching the sky, and watching the fireworks. Both were spectacular.

I thought about when I was little, and our family and neighbor would go park in a parking lot to watch the Fourth Of July fireworks. We always parked a short distance from the park. We would throw a blanket on the hood of the car and sit on it. Those were the days of heavy duty metal in cars, not like they are made today. There were always a few trees in the way, but we could see all of the displays that were shot into the air, but could only make out a few of the ground displays through the trees. We were all good at Oohhhing and Ahhing and over did it just a little. Okay, we over did it a lot, hey were were kids. One time we saw some green through the trees, then some yellow all lit up, and then a bit of red. We were trying to imagine what it was they were showing. Then it occured to me there was a certain pattern to the lights. It turned out we were watching a traffic light through the trees. We all just roared with laughter at the thought ooohing and ahhing at a traffic signal. For years any time we got together to watch fireworks that particular time came up and we had a good laugh for years to come, and I laughed again tonight.


I envy those who have the talent to decorate cakes. This one was delicious, by the way.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My all time favorite song. Makes me cry everytime I hear it.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds flyBirds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?
Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

Friday, August 11, 2006

To My Womb Mate

Well, Mark, I can't believe we are FIFTY! We didn't kill each other, and I think we turned out pretty good! Happy Birthday Mark, I love you, and hope that in another Fifty years I can post another picture on our Birthday.

I remember when Mom Turned fifty. I looked at her and said: "Gee Mom, you are a half of a century old!" She just glared at me, and now I know why. I sure don't feel a half a century old, and have no intentions of feeling old, EVER! I think if Mom were here now, she would be kind of proud of us. I miss her.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Adventure

A few family members and myself went over to Ohio to pick up some pizza and as we were driving through the small town and past some of the churches there, I couldn't help but remember a little trip my Mother and I had a few years ago in that town.

We were going to this small family reunion that was being held in a church. Mom was to come to my house, and from there, I would drive us over. She had the name and address of the church on the invitation. When she arrived at my house she said she had forgotten the invitation at home. I said no problem, it is a small town, how many churches can there be? And it being a weekday, we will just look for the church that has a few cars in the parking lot, no problem. As we were entering the town, we noticed a few churches, no cars. Then as we drove around, noticed church after church. I didn't know a little place could have so many churches.

Finally, we drove past this church, with several cars in the parking lot, so we thought this MUST be the place. We parked, went through the side door and down the steps to the basement where many people were lined up getting food. We just sat down at one of the tables and started to look around. After a few minutes of silence and looking, I turned to Mom and asked her if she recognized any of these people, as I sure didn't. They were all dressed up nicely too, not that we were slobs or anything, but we were more casually dressed. Mom didn't recognize anyone either and we looked at each other...looked at them, and realized that this was a funeral dinner and we were at the wrong church. After some quiet giggles, we quietly slipped out of our chairs and snuck out the door trying to be as inconspicuous as we could. Then out in the car, just roared with laughter.

Finally, after driving up and down every street in this town, we found the church that we were looking for and joined our relatives for a nice afternoon. What an adventure, and what a fond memory that was.


Some summer delights for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Project Time

I started to work on my kitchen a few weeks ago, emptying cupboards, what few I have, and taking out everything that I possibly could to make it easier to work in there. For those two weeks, I would go in, look around and turn around and go out. Sometimes it takes me a while to get motivated into action, and I am the type, if the motivation isn't there, it doesn't get done, and then I get used to it, and it will sit there for a good long time.

I took the plaster off the walls in the dining room, and ten years later, managed to put walls back up. An old room mate stopped in once out of the blue and she looked around and said, "Oh wow! you made this room into a studio!" Not wanting to tell her no, I just got used to having no walls, and didn't feel like putting any up, said, "Yeah.....yes...I turned it into a studio, looks cool, doesn't it?"

I resolved to not fall into that habit with the kitchen. I have no idea WHY I picked this time of year to do it. The corn was ready, so I had to put ladders and drop clothes aside, and do it, and now that the corn is in the freezer, I am back to work. Today, I put primer on the walls, covering up this horrid blue. So far, two coats are on, and it still isn't covered. I lost the good light in there when it clouded up so put everything away for another day, hopefully soon.

Once this kitchen is done, I won't have the excuse I have used for YEARS...Don't mind the mess, the house is under construction.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

.Today was one of those good news/bad news kind of days. First thing this morning I received an E mail from my sister in law announcing the engagement of my niece. She has said yes to a fine young man, a doctor, no less. He is a good boy, and very pleasant, he will be a wonderful addition to the medical field and our family. I am so happy for them.

A few hours later, I received a call from my brother, saying that after 20 years, the last being a really rough one for his business, that he is giving up, and closing. It is in the building industry, and things have come to a screeching halt as far as commercial business building. I am sad for him, as he is in his fifties, and having to start over, and work for someone else after all of these years. He will do fine, but it just sucks when you see the news reports that our economy is doing so well, yet business are closing up right and left. I guess they haven't been to our neck of the woods to see the reality of the trickle down economics of some of the policies our fine leader is putting through the system. That's all I'm going to say about that as I feel my blood pressure rising.

So, all in all, the two announcements balanced out to be an okay day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

This is what I have been spending my time doing. Shuck the corn... Cook and cool it...cut it off the cob...

Mmmmmm good!Between yesterday and today, 40 quart bags. I am set for Winter!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just Plain Weird

On the local news tonight, they reported a teen aged girl had lost control of a mini van and hit an old hollow tree in a town not too far from here. It turns out, the tree was home to, they estimate, over 80,000 honey bees. The bees got mad and swarmed the van. Local police and firefighters had to spray the bees with water, and then when they ran out of water, foam. It took over 45 minutes to get to the girl in the van. They had called a helicopter to air lift the teen. The bees stung the firefighters, the air paramedic, the home owners that had tried to help, and after all was said and done, TEN people got sent to the hospital besides the accident victim.

Now those were some angry bees.

Sad Day

I have been a little mopey the last couple of days, trying to wrap my head around a friend of mine's death. She was more of an aquaintance as I worked with her several years ago, at a couple of jobs. She was in kind of a freak accident. She was following her fiance on her motorcycle, he on his. He went over some railroad tracks, but when she went over, lost control of the bike and skidded and slid. Her helmet chin strap somehow got hooked on a guard rail and she broke her neck. Weird huh? Sadly, her son, age 11, was riding on the back of her fiance's bike, so had to be there when it happend.

She was full of life, and adventure and it was cut way too short. Marcia was 45, and had just finally found the love of her life. Her daughter is 17, and 5 months pregnant. She will miss out on seeing her first grand daughter. Sometimes life is just plain sad. will be missed.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sweet Corn

I was driving home from work today, and thought I would pull in to my brother's drive and check our sweet corn crop. We plant an acre every year, usually by my house somewhere, but this year the chosen spot was to be between my brother's house and my aunt's house. I am not fond of it being down there as there is no easy way to get to it. There is no access from anyone's driveway, just a path from the road through a ditch and up a hill. Only a lawn tractor can make the dip, or go by foot.

I thought I would check on it's progress today as with the rain we had last week and the extreme heat, it wouldn't be long to see some ears developing. I picked 8 ears for supper without having to look too hard. Tonight I will be a pig and eat them all. It's a meal all by it's self. My mouth will be dripping with butter and corn and I'll be a happy camper.

I get so thrilled this time of year. The phone calls go out to the family...SWEET CORN IS READY. Everyone will be coming to get enough in the freezer for winter, probably this weekend and next. It's one of those times where we drop everything we are doing and do the corn. We all used to go to my Aunt's house. All of us had a job to do. Some were picking, some were shucking the corn, and the rest of us were in the kitchen cooking, cooling, cutting it off the cob and bagging it up for the freezer. It was hot, hard work but worth every minute of it. We talked, laughed and had a great time. Now, we all pretty much fend for ourselves, doing it when we have the time in our own homes. Every now and then I get some help and it's like when I was little with the family. Sharing and socializing and laughing. It doesn't seem like so much work. I miss those times.