Monday, November 24, 2008

And it Starts

I went to one of my favorite close out stores to see if they had anything new. I love the store because from one week to the next you never know what's in it. It was full of all kinds of holiday things, but I just went in to pick up a couple of items.

In the past, the store wouldn't have very many check out people, but today it had a couple lanes open. The lane I went through had this little old lady checker that had a comment on just about everything I had, which was only about 6 things. It took me a while to figure out what the total was I owed her, as she kept pushing all of these buttons but never really did tell me what the total was. After asking her a few times and she would push more buttons, and still not tell me the totale, I ended up looking over to a terminal for the amount, wrote my check out for seven dollars and some odd cents, and I handed her the check. She looked at the date... a long time. Then she looked at the amount...a long time. Then she said: "Is that a seven? It doesn't look like a seven to me, did you write seven?" I said yes, it's a seven, but she looked at it again, and then walked over to the desk so they could look at the check and then amount written so they could tell her it looked like a seven. The people behind me said "gee it's a seven, I could see in upside down that it's a seven." All the while more and more people are lining up in the check out line, and then figuring out it might be a bad idea to go through it. and move over to the other check out lanes. Then she looked at the check some more, showed me where my phone number was and asked, "Is this your phone number?"

By now, I have to laugh to myself. Somebody there was owed big time. Had to be. Someone that worked in that store had something over the manager, and if they didn't hire great Aunt Bertha for over the holidays they were going to let the cat out of the bag. I just know it.

More on H

I happened by the store where I purchased my laptop to ask them if the warranty I got at the time of the purchase covered replacing my missing key. Sure enough it does! I simply have to take my computer in, they will ship it off to the manufacturer and they will replace the entire keyboard. This will all take at least 3 weeks. Why they can't pull a key off of one of the thousands of keyboards from scrap computers they have and put it in an envelope and send it is beyond me. And we wonder why these huge companies go belly up?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I would like to buy the letter "H"

I had the bright idea of cleaning the keyboard of my computer, and got my can of air out like I was told you are supposed to use. It wasn't doing the job, as I have 2 kitties, and kitty hair tends to get wrapped up under the keys no matter how hard you try to keep it clean, so after using the whole can of air, I pulled out my trusty shop vac. Right away, this little person on my shoulder asked me if I really wanted to do this, and ignoring my little voice, turned on the vacuuum. I figured if I quickly ran the hose over the keys and held it a small distance away, how could it hurt? And then I noticed that the letter "h" no longer resided in the middle of my keyboard.

I had just put a new bag in the canister the other day and there was hardly anything in it so I thought if I pulled the stuff out of the hole, surely the H would eventually show it's self, and I could save the bag, as they are about five bucks a piece. I was wrong. It was no where to be found, I pulled everything out of the hole that would come out and felt through it, then tore the bag up. NOTHING. The H WAS NO WHERE. I pulled off the "home" key from the side of the keyboard and popped it where the "h" used to reside until I can find a replacement key.

Alex, I would like to buy the letter "H" for one hundred please.