Sunday, May 31, 2009


Last week I was sitting on the porch grilling and heard leaves rustling on the side of the house and around the corner, came a big ground hog running full tilt right toward me. It scooted right behind the doghouse and under the porch. This is bad. Groundhogs do major damage and in these parts get shot. I asked the neighbor to feel free to sit in a lawn chair behind the house with his beer and gun and watch for it.

Today this is what I see popping out from behind the doghouse. There are two of them, and this was their first outing. They were all wobbly and cute. I think their names will be Thelma and Louise.
My brother said to kill them...

I can't believe this statement came out of my mouth: I can't kill a baby! They have to grow up now, and THEN I'll kill em!