Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have always wanted a hose reel cart to keep things nice and neat in the back yard, but they have always been out of my budget. Today, there was a great deal on one and I picked it up and took it home to assemble with visions of unwinding and winding up my garden hose with ease. Until...

...I opened the box, pulled out all of the parts and the bag of the small stuff, got them all arranged on the floor, and pulled out the instructions. Oh wait... the instructions...they are for what? Not a hose reel cart; The instructions are for a LARGE DOG HOUSE! Hmm le's see what the similarities between the two are. Hose wind up thing with 2 wheels and a crank...a square house with a roof and windows. wait I TOTALLY understand how they could be mixed up.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Holiday

Sunday we all had a chance to get together for a wonderful meal and some unexpected entertainment, compliments of a somewhat lost hummingbird. We were eating in the screened in porch at my brother's house when all of the sudden we heard this "boink." We all looked up to see a hummingbird smashed into the screen with it's beak stuck just beating it's little wings like crazy trying to get unstuck. I got up to go over there and push it's little beak out but by then, it had finally worked it's way out and staggardly ( a new word I just made up) flew away. Maybe it thought my sister-in-law's red shirt was an enticing flower, or it was a bit near sighted. It was almost like one of those animated movies the way it happened. We laughed the rest of the evening over the visual of that poor bird.

The day was one of those days that you wished would never end with the weather being perfect, good food, and good conversation and fun, and the best part of it was that none of it was planned. Sometimes I think when an event or something else is planned, expectations get in the way and everyone expects the day to turn out a certain way in a certain order, and then when something unexpected happens, there is disappointment. There is something to be said for spontaneity.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring is Finally Here

I haven't been writing much because I told myself if I didn't have anything positive to say, I wouldn't put it in the blog. I have also been pretty busy outside getting the flowers planted, and the garden put in a couple of times now. The cold weather took it's toll on many of the veggies I had planted, and the rains we have had made the weeds happy and they grew like crazy.

I planted a few more things than usual because I have a feeling that what grocery money I might have will be going into the gas tank.

Speaking of gas tank, I was sitting across the street from a McDonald's the other day at lunch time, and I saw car after car waiting in the drive through. Most were pickup trucks and SUVS. I don't know about anyone else, but it sure must be nice to have gas to throw away. Some of them waited 10 minutes before their vehicle moved, and they weren't turning off and restarting their cars because I saw them inch up. Meanwhile, there was an abundance of parking places.

It makes me fume about fuel. By the way, why isn't fume spelled fuem or fuel spelled fule.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have been to this place time after time and just this year I noticed this huge ice cream boat in front of the place. ]It seems sometimes, the more we see something the more we miss it.