Friday, June 29, 2007


I was visiting my sister in law last weekend, and she had a bird house hanging right outside her front door. She said the babies were peeking out the hole when moma came to feed them. She got it down and pulled up a lid and took this picture. When she put it back they all flew out! There were five little ones in all crammed into this little house.

Afternoon Excitement

I have been leaving the back door open lately, because my two cats have been so annoying wanting out, then as soon as they get out, go to a window meowing to come back in. The bugs haven't been bad, so I just leave the screen door open. They can now come and go as they please.

I ran some errands today, and had a few loads of things to bring into the house, so hauled them all in, left the door open, got out of my clothes and had just sat down to relax with a cup of coffee. I didn't even bother to put back on shorts, as I got all heated up schlepping all of my junk in.

As I was doing a little reading, out of the corner of my eye, I see one of my cats, and on the floor by him was something too small to be the other cat, and then noticed that my other cat was not too far behind Scooter, and as my eyes focused to the floor...saw it. A chipmonk. A live chipmonk! A terrified live chipmonk. There was a moment of quiet, everyone froze, all eyes on the chipmonk huddled up on the floor, trying to be motionless. And then...All heck broke loose.

The chipmonk beelined it to the corner of the room, behind a large speaker. I ran and got some gloves, looked behind the speaker and there he was. I figured I could inch the speaker away from the wall, keep him cornered and grab him. I wasn't fast enough. He shot out between my legs, ran with two cats in hot pursuit, across the room, behind the china cabinet. I looked under it, no chipmonk. I wedged my head along the back and saw it on the baseboard, frozen, so I ran and got the broom, and hoped I could poke it so it would move, and run out from behind there.
Of course that idea didn't work, so struggled to move the cabinet away from the wall. It's a heavy sucker, but I finally got it to budge, and slide away from the wall. I opened the doors in the dining room so he would shoot out of the house once he started his run, got the broom back there and poked, and sure enough, he shot out, ran to the WRONG side of the open door, and skittered into the kitchen, cat still in hot pursuit, with me not far behind. I got in there just in time to see him duck under and behind the cupboards. ARGHHH! By now, one cat looses interest and has disappeared.

Now, I'm moving the everything off the top of the cupboard so I can wiggle those away from the wall. Thank goodness I didn't listen to my brother and bolt them to the walls. I stand on a chair, have the broom, and am reaching behind there to see if I could get him to move, and wouldn't you know he scoots on behind the stove. So now, I pull out the drawer under the stove, then pulled the stove out. No chipmonk. Where in the heck is he? I'm back on the chair with the broom.

Remember, I am in my underwear, with gloves and a broom, standing on a chair, in front of the kitchen window, reaching behind all of that poking and pushing.

Finally that bugger flies out, runs across the kitchen, and out the door with the cat on his tail the whole way, across the yard and under the shed. WHEW! He lives another day.

Moments later, the cat is stretched out on the kitchen floor relaxing as if nothing had gone on, Everything in the kitchen is torn away from the wall, drawer to the stove out on the floor.

Guess I'll clean back there while all that stuff is out. So much for relaxing with that cup of coffee.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Am I the only person that thinks the new Dairy Queen commercials with the waffle cone and ice cream are offensive? Kids watch ice cream commercials...and especially Dairy Queen ones. I'm just sayin...


A few months ago, my sister in law gave my name to a friend of hers who's Mother was needing some help around the house. She was by no means an invalid, but needed help with cleaning, and someone to drive her places she needed to go, and generally just be a companion. I agreed to help, and a few days a week, I have been going over to Ruth's house. We liked each other right away and became good friends. We would go to the library, out to lunch, and other things.

A week ago Monday, when I went over to her house, she said she wasn't feeling well, and kind of napped most of the time I was there cleaning. It wasn't like her at all, and I was a little concerned, and asked if I should call her daughter, which, right away, she said no. I left a little early because I thought I was annoying her, and would let her rest. Tuesday, I received a call that Ruth was in the hospital. Her daughter came over Monday after I left, and found her napping on her bed and took her to the doctor first thing Tuesday morning. She was having trouble with her heart rhythm, and a few other things. I stopped in for a visit later in the week. She had been worried about me and my training, and I had to tell her I didn't get through it, but would be free to spend more time with her when she got home.

This morning I received a phone call from her daughter's husband. Ruth passed away during the night last night.

Ruth was kind of like a mother to me, she spoke her mind, had a wonderful sense of humor, and in the short time we knew one another, taught me so many things about life. I am thankful that we crossed paths, even if only for a short amount of time. I will miss her.

My prayers are with her family during their time of grief, and hope that they find comfort in the midst of their loss.

I have a sad, heavy heart today.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Odd Sights

Today was one of those days where I wish I would have had my camera with me. One of the things I saw, I can share later with a picture, I hope. The other opportunity passed, but I'll share it with you anyway.

As I arrived at work today, I walked over to the nail techs to say hello, and sitting on the other side of Connie was a regular customer I see often. She had a nail emergency. Connie was taking the polish off of her beautiful long nails. It wasn't something unusual in it's self, but this time, her client was wearing military fatigues. She is getting deployed tomorrow and discovered this morning that she was having some trouble firing her M16 with her long nails. So from the firing range, made a call for the emergency trip in. I had mentioned how funny she looked and wish I had my camera. She said that her friend at the range said the same thing as she was dialing the salon in the middle of firing off her weapon with all of the other soldiers standing there, pleading for Connie to squeeze her in to get her nails filed down. And then added that she wasn't your typical soldier.

As funny as the whole thing was, in the back of all of our minds is the fear that we all share for our friends and loved ones going on deployment. This particular client and her husband are both in the military and have a beautiful young son, age 4. I pray she will be safe and come home soon. I want to raz her some more about her nails.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I just got home from my last night of training at my new, now, no job. I didn't get the work done by the deadline tonight, so that's it for now for there. They said to call and I could be kept on the roster to be called in again to try again, as I finished the main part of the testing by the time allowed for that. I guess it just wasn't meant to be for that job right now. The next time won't be so bad since I know the drill and what is expected. I am thankful that I worked the short time that I did. It paid for my car repair from the breakdown last week, and without being there, I would have been sunk. The Lord must have other plans for me now. That's what I'm going to think anyway. Surely He didn't just put this job into my lap for 3 weeks just because my car was going to break down and need a costly repair, and then cut the job off after it's paid for. Hmmm

It has been the most stressful few weeks, and truthfully, I'm glad it's over. I must say I will be a little lost tomorrow at about 6 pm, but I'm sure I'll get over it quickly. For those who gave support, encouragement, and understanding through these last hectic weeks, thank you.

On a side note, there was a town meeting I missed tonight that I really wished I could have attended. I have never been to one, but the topic was something that is hitting very close to home. Literally. It seems someone wants to build an ethynol plant on the corner of MY ROAD. There is an industrial area about 2 miles north of here, with ample land and few houses to put something like that there. But no, they want to build it on MY CORNER of MY ROAD. Less than a country block away. I sure hope lot's of people attended that meeting tonight and got something accomplished. Progress sucks sometimes.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I heard an ad on the radio advertising Amish chickens. I wonder if they wear those little white bonnets. And do the Amish roosters wear little straw hats and suspenders?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Does a lake smell like fish or do fish smell like a lake?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a Day!

The day started out like any other ordinary day. I went to job one, took care of things there, then went to the dentist, and had some afterwards before job number two, to go to Wa*Ma*t to pick up a few things. I even figured I would have plenty of time after that errand to get a bite to eat and relax, as it would be past midnight before I would get home. It really was a great plan until...pulling out of my parking space at the store, the car started to sputter and not sound good at all, and I could barely pull out into the through lane that exited the parking lot, so I turned back in, and the car died and rolled to a stop. Try as I might, the car would not do a thing but crank and stop. I had several people blocked so asked a lady who was loading her car with her hefty healthy looking son if they could help me push the car into a parking place. Without hesitation, they pushed and in no time, I was half parked. I ended up taking two spaces, but at least I was out of the way. In that short amount of time, I bet 4 people came up to me and asked if I needed any help or needed to use their phone. I couldn't believe it. They were all so nice. I had already called my mechanic, who didn't have much to tell me that would help, I called a tow truck, and called my sis in law, to come pick me up, as I couldn't be late for this job number two. I sat there for over a half an hour, trying every now and then to start it, but no luck, so resigned myself to the fact I was going to be without a car for a day or two. Just before my sis in law arrived, I decided to give it one more shot and wouldn't you know, it started right up, and ran fine. So I called and canceled the tow truck and took the car over to the garage, and left it there to see what in the heck caused that to happen. Whew!

The one thing about this experience I thought was so interesting is the people that asked me if I needed help all were very common type people. They were driving older cars, and one could tell, they didn't have a lot. The few people that were annoyed that I had taken two spots, and if they were really paying attention enough to notice I was having car problems, were ladies of means, driving big nice new cars. They didn't think to ask if I needed help. Had I been at the mall, and not Wally world, I wouldn't have had one person ask me if I needed help, I bet.

Let's hear it for the kindness of the common person.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Family Reunion

Today I went to a family reunion with my brother and sis in law. I kind of dread going to them, but at the same time enjoy it. Especially the food part. There are always interesting things people bring and it's a way to try new things without having to make it yourself. The winner of the new thing category this year was the snickers salad. It was cut up apples, cut up snickers bars and whipped cream, and it may have had other things in it, but that's what I remember about it. It was wonderful.

The part I dread about reunions is the meeting after we all eat. It's pretty much the same every year, with people announcing new arrivals, and deaths. This year, the oldest member of the family had just passed last month. He was in his late 90's. Then they collect money for postage for next year's reunion notice, ask who wants to have it, and is this a good week of the year for everyone. Most of the time I go outside for the meeting part.

Not too many of the family go to this reunion any more, and it's kind of sad to see the relatives that are older get more feeble, and probably when a few more of them go, there probably won't be one any more. The younger one's don't think it's a big deal and it's boring so they don't go. Maybe as they get older it might change. I guess we will see.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Linear Thinking

I was picking up a few things at a convenience store today, and there were two boys that stepped up to the cashier, each with a dollar in their hands. They were probably eight or nine years old. They had baseball uniforms on, and were swigging their drinks as they stood there. The cashier said "that will be two dollars." The boys in unison said that their orders were separate. So the cashier moved her hand over the register briefly, then said, "okay yours is one dollar." The kid gave her his dollar. Then she kind of waved her hand over the register again, and said to the other boy, "okay yours is one dollar." The other kid gave her his dollar, and they proudly walked out of the store with their beverages.

There were a few people standing around and behind the boys waiting for their turn, and we all quietly laughed and shook our heads.

I got to thinking and wondering about children, and what the age was where they would have naturally known about such things, and putting two and two together. I can't remember how old I was to have that awareness. I guess one day you are only focused on your individual task at hand, and then another day, which is uneventful, you think beyond your nose.

All I know is that I got a kick out of watching them, and so did all of the other people. Oh to be young again.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Driving Tidbits

I was driving in to work today and, as usual, there was some construction going on. I kind of got a chuckle with the first encounter with a crew that was putting in some kind of line along the side of the road. It was a hilly winding road, so they required flag people to stop traffic and let each direction take turns going through that area. The thing that struck me funny was the person standing in my lane, with a stop sign; When it was my turn to go through, she turned the sign to the "slow" side, and pointed to the other lane. What other lane was I going to drive in??? Yes ma'am, you drive over there on that side of the road. Well duh. Was I going to drive through her and in to the machinery? I just laughed thinking about that the rest of the way in.

Another thing I noticed about drivers, is how they make it known how perturbed they are with you. This poor lady was trying to exit a driveway, and had the nose of her car slightly in the road as cars were going by. Each one went WAY around her to emphasize how they had to go out of there way to get past. Just in case she didn't realize she was sticking out a bit. And as they veer way out around,and pass her, they give her this glaring look. "Because of YOU, lady, I had to disrupt my exact straight line of driving!" Every single car could have gone past her without going in to the other lane, they all just had to make their point to her how she had stopped.

Either people think drivers are morons, or drivers think each other are morons. One can't escape it.

And one last note about drivers. Have you ever noticed that men that wear big hats drive slowly? They go about 20mph under the speed limit and are constantly gawking around at stuff. I dare you all to test that theory. It's true.

Bad Night

I had a really bad night tonight. I just thought I would share.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Yesterday at the salon was a day of celebrations. One woman was there because she had lost 110 pounds through WW. Her husband treated her to a whole day at the spa. She got the works, including lunch. Another lady was there celebrating almost 2 years clear of breast cancer. She treated herself with a few services. Everyone was in a festive mood, cheering the weight loss of the one lady, and surviving a nasty disease with the other. Both of the ladies were celebrating life. Had the one woman not lost all of that weight, she probably would have died. Had the other lady not had good medical care, and benefit from the miracles of research and new drugs, she would have probably died. When I think of the challenges of what some people have had, and overcame, my problems seem so trivial. Like blogger not letting me make paragraphs in this post.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hell Has Frozen Over

I am not a handbag person. I haven't carried a purse since high school except for special occassions. I only need keys, a wallet, and a cell phone, so most always, my pockets are good enough to carry all I need. I used to say I will carry a purse when Hell freezes over. A couple of weeks ago, we had a shower for my niece, and niece to be, and my niece gave the three of us these lovely hand bags. All of the sudden, I have discovered that I have several pairs of slacks that have no pockets, so I have started using this. Yes, I have started using this handbag. It is a really neat shade of green even though the picture doesn't show it very well. The camera is awful at showing true color, so with some color touch up this is as close as I could get it.

Indeed, Hell has frozen over.