Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Good Idea Gone Bad

When the fanny pack first came out, I thought wow, what a great idea. You can keep your hands free and carry all of your stuff and not have to worry about losing a purse or wallet while walking about the amusement parks or on a hike. I have one that I use when I go to festivals, big enough to hold a wallet and sun glasses but not much else. I actually wear it on my fanny, or sometimes to the side. I take the word "fanny" to be just that, something that is to be worn on or about the fanny.

Sometimes at festivals I see ladies that have these huge monster fanny packs, perched right there under their belly. Some, I swear are large enough to hold an adult kangaroo in them, even bigger. Can't find a parking place? Why heck, I'll just shove the car in my fanny pack and take it along! Doesn't anyone have the heart in their family to tell these ladies that those fanny packs just aren't very complimentary to their appearance?

Okay, I'll get back to what I was trying to talk about. There is this lady at work that always wears a fanny pack, perched on her belly, of course. I didn't think too much of it, as we are constantly moving from place to place throughout our shift and I thought she just used that to put her music and headphones in so she wouldn't have to lug all of that around. Until....

The evening news was talking about one of the school systems, and unions, and workers, and low and behold, they showed a clip of people at a podium addressing a panel, and what do I see? That lady from work, and she had on, you guessed it. That FANNY PACK!

Well then I got to wondering. Does she wear it around the house when she does her housework? Does she cook wearing it? Does she go to bed wearing it? After all, if she sleeps on her back, she can have it quite comfortable as she wears her fanny pack on her belly.

I don't know, but I think when someone had this great idea of having a bag that one can attatch to their person, so that hands can be free to do other things, I don't think they intended ladies to have it morph into another body part.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The other day, my sister in law and I went on a shopping excursion to a farm store that has all kinds of neat stuff that isn't all for the farmer. I needed some suet cakes for the birds and a couple of other things. They had their winter apparal on sale at 60% off, and we just happened to be there during a bag sale, which meant that whatever you could put in the bag was another 20% off. I needed a new "leaf raking shirt" as the one I had used I ruined painting, so found something that was just the ticket; a flannel lined oil cloth shirt, not too thick and not too thin,for 7 dollars. I got a chuckle though, on a large label on the back of the shirt, REAL WORK WEAR FOR REAL AMERICANS was boldly printed, and on a smaller label where the size was, it said made in China.

I just think that is a hoot.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My brother and sister in law gave me the neatest gadget for Christmas; A crank flashlight/radio. It needs no batteries, so is a wonderful thing to have on hand. I pulled it out of the box the other day, and was reading the instructions. I'll share just a few with you now. Keep in mind this item was not cheap.

When use hand wind to charge phone, connect link wire with output jack (7). You open rubber cover first and you must see (7) and (8). While you winding 3 minute as 120 revolutions/minute, your phone could holding 4-8 minutes.

Dial the radio swith as clockwise and the power is on, while you listen to DA sound. You could also adjust volume as you like, as clockwise is increase and anticlockwise is reduce.

It is OFF while alarm key in normal state. You must wind dynamo on time while sounding little.

I didn't even have to check the box to see where this was manufactured. What surprises me is that the name brand on this item is very popular, and don't they take the time to check the material they have made overseas? Or does the profit outweigh everything.

I'm guessing the profit outweighs it all